"Into Danger We Are Going. Fearless, Now, We Counter Devils."


Beyond the Veil, past the mortal realm of Fellfrøst, into the land of the Afterlife, the Valkyries guard the gates to Heaven and escort saved souls into that paradise. Defying the Ban to cross over into Fellfrøst and the dimension of Mortals, Vicki the Valkyrie joins the band of Heroes to help ensure the Quest does not fail. The fury of the Angels is heard in her battle cry, calling the Heroes of Fellfrøst to honor and glory. The power of the Storm, and Winds, is channeled through her mystical helmet. With her loyal white Dire Wolf Gramm, she cleaves a path through foes like a tempest of blades. The Valkyries have never before stepped forth in the mortal realm of Fellfrøst in combat, and only Vicki dared to cross the Veil into the realms of Men, the mortal world of Fellfrøst, to save Mankind. The light she shines illuminates the darkest caves and the Heroes of Fellfrøst are able to enter the very jaws of death.