"You Only Rule Over Ashes And Dust."


In Fellfrøst, the Northern-most kingdom of Men is called The Mark. Once the greatest realm of Men and reaching heights of technology and invention nowhere else seen, The Mark was nearly destroyed in a brutal war with the Frost Giants and Stone Trolls, aided in large part by the Goblin armies with their unlimited numbers. Now a series of small fortresses, their royal family and former glory has been dispersed across Fellfrøst. Among the Heroes of Fellfrøst walks a Prince, the heir to the ancient kingdom, Ryan of the Mark. His skills in battle are tempered through the training and discipline of the masters of his craft, the low bass thud of his war hammer shakes the ground beneath the feet of his foes, all tremble when his eyes turn as black as those of a lion seeing his prey when battle is joined and his blood boils with the fury of a King denied his crown.