"Our Hearts Will Lead Us To The Light Of Everlasting Fire."


To the East of Fellfrøst the Houses of Healing are the center of truth, knowledge, study, science, and medicine. After years of long study, sacrifice, the Houses of Healing send forth their priests and priestesses to walk the lands of Fellfrøst, healing, helping, and doing good deeds and sowing good seeds. Known far and wide, to Kings and peasants alike, Catheryn the Laeknir uses her healing powers on the battlefield to revive and inspire her companions of the Quest. The creatures of Fellfrøst obey her commands, the wolves call her their pack leader. Her voice has power and she can weave songs of healing and inspiration to stir the hearts of the Heroes into action, and remove the veil of the Enemy so that their fearless hearts can beat true and bright. Wearing only the simple cloth armor of an Acolyte, she braves the chaos of battle to save the lives of her friends.