"Don't Depend On Someone Else To Show You The Way."


From the southeast of Fellfrøst, across the Bay of White Wolves he comes, Baldwin the Barbarian. Champion of the tribe of Shredd, a master of the battle-axe, Baldwin has come to join the Quest and represent his people, whose mighty stronghold known as The Jagged Rocks controls the inland rivers south to the Great Old Sea. The Barbarian Stronghold is in a perpetual struggle and rivalry with the Northmen of Ash Mountain, and Baldwin's blood feud with that realm burns deep within his veins. Both kingdoms trade with Vinland, the main food producer in Fellfrøst, who help keep a quarrel between the two warlike tribes from descending into all-out war. Baldwin the Barbarian heard of mighty deeds and dangers and that a group of Heroes was being assembled to fight them, and he left the southern stronghold of his people to ensure that Barbarians were represented among the mighty.